Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Re-cap

Hellooooo friends!  I hope everyone had a jolly holiday! :)

Even though Christmas is over, I'm going to re-cap some of the things we did just in case you'd like to use it next year.

I found this Santa Claus directed drawing at Hello Kids and loved it.  I've talked about my love for directed drawing activities before.  They turned out adorable.

 I also love all of the super cute "How to make the Grinch grin" craftivity ideas with writing, but we unfortunately didn't have enough time to do a Grinch craft.  I whipped up this instead to save some time and still get that writing in! 

I *love* this one... "giving him makeup in case he gets a girlfriend." :D

We also made this Baby Jesus craft from Doodle Bugs! 

I was also working on a Christmas printable pack, but unfortunately, I didn't get it finished in time.  Here is one of our reading response logs from that pack that we used in my classroom.

These aren't Christmas related, but I though I'd share our listening center logs from the week before break too.  I always make up a listening log to go along with our weekly story that focuses on a certain reading strategy.  Last week, we focused on retelling the beginning, middle, and end.

They can choose to write or draw, which is great for differentiating the activity.
I hope everyone had a wonderful break!  I'm excited to go back and start the second half of our year. :)


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