Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Valentine's Day Centers

Happy (almost) Valentine's Day! I'm here to share some freebie center activities today. :)

The first one is "Words I Know By Heart" and it's a sight word read/write the room center. I will have it at my reading center next week. Students can use the heart pointers (drink stirrers!) to find the heart words around the room and record them on their paper.

Click on the picture to pick up this freebie in my TpT store!

This next one is a blog exclusive! Students will find sight words in magazines and glue them onto the recording sheet. I'll have this as a Word Work option next week. Click the picture below for the recording sheet!

We've been hitting sight words hard lately, so my reading and word work centers are really focusing on that!

At the math center this week, I'm keeping it simple with heart facts!  The kids love this game.  They work with a partner and cover up the sum on the bottom of the heart.  The other player has to figure it out!

You can also have them play by covering up an addend for an extra challenge!

Click on either picture above for this center. :)

Have a great Valentine's Day!

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