Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Classroom tour!

Welcome to a picture overload!  Here's what my classroom looks like this year.  :)

This is our take-home library.  The books have cards in the back and the kiddos put the card in the pocket chart where their name is if they want to take a book home.  The READ board is where we will hang reading anchor charts and the colorful pocket chart is where we will display our reading center rotations.

The other half of our library area and author of the month display (books by this author will go in the basket).

Our library!  The cards are velcroed on to the tubs so I can change them out.

Saving the white spot above the ladybug chair for more reading anchor charts.

Prayer table (I love my school!), mailboxes, morning work bin, etc!

Math area!

Our math tub rotation chart and groups.  The even and odd posters are a freebie from Step into Second Grade with Mrs. Lemons!

Calendar and color words!  The super cute crayon color words are from Miss Kindergarten Love!

Math tubs bins!  The top 1-2-3 bins are for when they are finished with their weekly math tub.

Math manipulatives and games shelf.

Our behavior chart. :)

Listen to reading area!

Whole group area... my favorite part of my classroom!

Our Reading focus wall... spelling and sight words will go in the green pocket charts.  Reading strategies will go on the CAFE board, of course. :)  The red bins on top are word work bins.  The bottom green ones are indoor recess games, puzzles, etc.
 Rug rules poster can be found here from Blooming in 1st!
Giant leaf is from Ikea - love! :)
 Our class pet frogs, Kit Kat and Pickles!  (Named by my previous class... :))

Helpers chart, all about me poster, take home folder bin, random miscellaneous. :)  The brown shelf is huge and sits behind my "desk" aka my kidney table.  I didn't take a picture of that - which means it must have been a mess! :)

The wall above our Prayer Table!

It sure is!  Thanks for stoppin' by! :)

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