Friday, November 29, 2013

Problem/Solution freebie and Christmas mini-unit!

Hello everyone!  Has anyone ever had a blog post disappear?  I have one that doesn't show on my blog, but shows on bloglovin'!  Weird!  Anywho, I posted about this in that post but it seems to have vanished, so I will touch on it again.

We have been working really hard on our reading strategies.  I try to create a reading response sheet for each of the CAFE strategies we learn so that my students can practice the strategy during read to self.  Back in October, we were working on problem and solution.  To introduce this strategy, we read the book Where's My Mummy? by Carolyn Crimi.  Then, we talked about the problem and solution in the story.  We completed a large version of the response sheet together so they would better understand it when doing it independently.

Then, they completed their own version during read to self.  I walked around and talked to them about their pictures so I could assess what they knew.

I also have completed a little unit on the true meaning of Christmas!  I'm so blessed that I am able to teach about Jesus at my school.  If you can, too, make sure you check out this unit in my TpT shop.  Just click on the cover page to see it!

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