Tuesday, January 21, 2014

MLK, Penguins, and Magic E... phew!

Hellloooo everyone!  Last week was a whirlwind.  It was our first full week back from break and we were busy bees!  Here's a recap of our week, plus some freebies for ya!

We got ready for MLK day by reading a non-fiction text all about him.  This little book can be found in my TpT store here and was GREAT for going over non-fiction text features.  Did I mention it's FREE?? :)

First, we went over non-fiction text features and what they are.  We've gone over these before in guided reading, and they really knocked my socks off with what they remembered.

Then, we went through and read the story, highlighting non-fiction text features we found along the way.  This took a good chunk of time since we also talked about Dr. King and the story of his life as we read.

 Although this book wasn't a "just right" book for a lot of my kids, I'm still having them keep them in their book boxes for a few weeks to read during Read to Self.  They know how to go on picture walks to retell the story, find sight words and words they know, etc.  And now they can go through and refresh non-fiction text features as well! :)

We also dived into learning about penguins this week.  (haha- get it? Dived?? Ok I'm done..)

We continued our non-fiction text study by reading some non-fiction penguin books.

We filled out this graphic organizer together as we read the penguin books.  (We were also working on building our stamina back up from break, which is why the Read to Self time is up there!)

 The littles also filled out their own graphic organizers!  We will use these to do some non-fiction penguin writing this week.  :)

We also practiced "magic e" a lot last week and they did a great job with it!  We started by reading CVC words to warm up.  (We did this in our reading groups.)
Then, they had to rewrite the word with dry erase marker with magic e at the end.  

 I also had them do a little recording sheet with it... just to make sure it was "clicking!" :)

You can have this freebie by clicking below!

 Come back next week to see our finished penguin non-fiction writings and to snag those freebies as well!  Thanks for stopping by :)

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