Monday, October 20, 2014

We Heart October!

Who doesn't love October?? This is my favorite time of year!  I love the themes and crafts for this time of year.  I also love decorating the classroom -- October galore! 

Our hallway display with our owl directed drawings from The Elementary Art Room!

Our lunch choice chart... students come in and move their pumpkin in the morning!

Fall and Halloween books are out!

We've also been doing some fun October themed center work!  This is how I "grade" center work... we keep all work from centers and math tubs in our stay at school folder all week.  If they don't finish something during center time, they can work on it whenever they have extra time.  On Fridays, I staple their work with this center rubric on top.  It's super simple and to the point -- so it's easy to check and hand back!  I just do this while they are doing Fun Friday.  Anyone who chooses not to do their work during the week misses Fun Friday and has to do their work instead.  Usually after one time of that happening, they get their bottom in gear during center time. :)

This was one of our math tubs last week.  This file is on my school computer, but if you would like it, leave me a comment with your email address and I will send it to you!
One of our reading centers this week was my Noun or Verb Read/Write the Room center.  This was a huge hit with the little ones!  I taught them to use the sentence "I can ____" to see if the word was a verb or a noun.  They loved it.  "I can ghost?? Noo!  That's a noun!" :)

If you would like to download this for free -- click {HERE!}

Happy October!!

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