Friday, September 19, 2014

A Few Classroom Pics!

Hi friends!  Wow.. what a BUSY September it's been so far!  There's no tired like beginning of the school year tired. :)  I wanted to share a few pictures of my classroom this year.  I haven't taken pics of each individual area yet.  That will be coming soon.  It's gotta get that nice "lived-in, first grade look" first. :)

When you walk in...

Class rules and center/math tub rotation charts.  I was waiting for the kiddos to write the rules up there so we could construct them together.  

Our class pets: Kit Kat and Pickles!


All ready for Meet the Teacher night. :)


And this was when we were only 2 days into read to self!  I'm not doing daily 5 exactly this year, but I am keeping a TON of the same concepts!  I will blog about it soon and the reasons why I'm doing it a little differently this year.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of our home away from home!

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