Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Individual Behavior Chart Freebie

Hi teacher friends!

I am here to share this individual behavior chart today.  I use these when I find students are clipping down on the classroom clip chart a lot.  This is a more positive and more private reminder for them.  Plus, it goes home daily so parents can look at it and discuss the child's day with them!

 I like to divide the day into segments in order for the student to feel more successful (rather than not earning a sticker for the whole day due to one small part of his/her day).  I also like to see if there is a pattern to misbehavior (ie a student who always misbehaves during math might struggle in that area, or excel in that area and be bored!)

Click the picture below to download this individual behavior chart. I have included one with a blank spot instead of rest time as well! 

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